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Excuses robbed me of an exciting, vibrant life of happiness and achievement. Excuses broke me down, justified my inaction and paved the way to true failure. (True failure is when you fail at something and give up, settle and stop growing).

I finally saw my excuses for what they are, a lie! Excuses are fear, laziness, lack of vision and lack of esteem. When I became truly aware of my thoughts and identified them, I began to let the self-defeating ones go. I now create my own future!

Big Dreams Bigger Excuses is a book on overcoming the reasons that hold you back from pursuing your dreams.

My mission is to help people live the life they have always dreamed of by giving suggested solutions on how to overcome the excuses that hold them back.

My vision is to become a global speaker and author that is dedicated to helping people on their personal growth journey.

"Excuses have always run my life and directed every part of my decision making. "

Dan Wischnewski

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